Wearable GPS Technology For Pigeons

The Most Advanced Pigeon Tracker On The Market

Finally see the exact route your pigeons are taking back to the loft!

Display and compare flight routes

Report the exact route taken, speed and flight time on Google Maps or Earth – then adjust your training accordingly. SKYLEADER software is easy to use and available for Windows or Mac operating systems.

State of the art design

Built from the ground up with pigeon training in mind. SKYLEADER rings are easy to put on, lightweight and have a 12 hour battery life that utilizes "fuzzy logic" technology to allow for longer flight time.

GPS Tracking

Records flight time, speed, location and provides a flight path report.

Fuzzy Logic Technology

Battery automatically turns on and off using fuzzy logic control technology.

Modular Design

Allows for battery replacement even while the ring is being worn.

Trajectory Encrypted

Encryption algorithm helps secure your information and prevent data theft.

What other fanciers are saying

Game changer
Great product if you want to learn what your racers are doing and, more important, how to correct your training to tweak the release points for training. Every serious pigeon racer should own one.

 Easy, Fun, Informative
The GPS tracking was informative and some of the routes they took were unexpected. Information we dreamed of having years ago, is now easy to obtain, and easy to track. 

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